What are some borrower scenarios of a Pick A Term?

  • STAY ON TRACK: Borrower has paid a loan for 8 years on a 30-year fixed mortgage and does not want to go back up to a 30-year term. PICK A TERM allows you to refinance at 22 years to stay on track. PICK A TERM offers you this kind of flexibility!
  • FAST TRACK: Borrower pay extra towards his/her mortgage every month to pay it off as soon as possible, but you’re unhappy with your high mortgage interest rate. PICK A TERM is your answer! Now you can choose a lower term, with a potentially lower interest rate, to help you pay off your loan in less time.
  • BUDGET MINDED: Tell us how much you can afford and Amerimutual Mortgage will find a term to fit your financial needs. PICK A TERM terms can be tailored to match your budget, and can potentially shave off years of the life of your loan and thousands in interest!
  • Match Your Term to Life Events: Retiring soon?, Child going to college? and want to free up some money by paying off your home loan early, the PICK A TERM is a great option for you! Use the PICK A TERM to help you eliminate the financial burden of a monthly mortgage payment at the time when you’ll need that extra money the most.